Air India started new route for B747-400

Indian national carrier Air India started it’s new B747-400 route from Mumbai to Delhi from today ie Tuesday, 13 December, 2016. This is a daily flight as AI888


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What do you mean? :)

It was in general, I moved it to RWA

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My bad, didn’t see the edit

It must be a connection for an international flight…can’t have a super going for such short distance… Also from next time pls provide wid the link to the information page

Yes they can. A LOT of airlines do that. Emirates, BA, Qatar, LATAM, American, United, Japan Airlines, ANA

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ANA and JAL do it all the time. They fly domestically with 787s, 747s, 767s etc. with no connection.


Also, this is great :p

Is there an article or something? A link?

Here’s a link:


OK fine but lemme tell " Y’all" that I had pics!! Taken frm my mobile of the connection stats of Air India…as its my nations official airline e I have travelled a lot in AI planes n have seen the connection chart …also it was in a recreational magazine…which has all the info…as far as I can recollect there were 747 flying only frm a selsct part n cities of India…hence I thought it might be a connection as very recently did I sit on a 773 which was a domestic leg of an international flight…I was connection g frm Mumbai- Delhi…so I assumed something similar might have happened… Anywhay gr8 news!

I can’t even read your post man…

At least the 744 isn’t completely dead…yet:(

My English is brilliant t😏😏

I pretty sure AI uses a 777 or 787 on a similar domestic route within India ?

Yup as I mention for a domestic leg if international flight…AI uses 773/772 n 787 connecting just a few domestic cities on a regular route

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