Air India Star Alliance Boeing 777-300ER

why do we have to have this livery in IF?

I think it will be a very nice deliver for IF.

Star alliance


Credit :

Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main
Germany Officers Mark Schwab Date of foundation 14 May 1997 Founding members. 5 Current Members28. Future members Operations Fleet 4,657 1 aircraft Airports served 269 Countries served192 Flights made More than 18,500 per day Passengers transported 641.10 million per year.

Star Alliance is an alliance of airlines, the first to appear on May 14, 1997. It remains today the largest, with 28 members. Its two main competitors are SkyTeam and Oneworld.

Air India


Established in 1932

Based in Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi Other bases Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai Flying Returns Alliance Star Alliance Loyalty Program (since July 11, 2014) Fleet Size117
+23 (Air India Express)
+17 (Alliance Air) Number of Destinations 80 Headquarters Delhi Parent Company National Aviation Corporation of India Limited Affiliates Air India Express, Alliance Air Officers Rajiv Bansal, CEO

very nice livery, i would like to see more alliance liverys in if.


I would like to see this along with Air India livery.


Thank you for coment 🙂

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Would be a great addition to 777 fleets


If this gets added along with Air India 77W livery and air france also we will have all three alliance livery available in 77W

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I think that this will be a good addition to the 777 family in IF :)

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There are a lot of airlines that have Star Alliance Liveries, so maybe they should have an Star Alliance livery for B777-300ER with no airline logo in the front of the aircraft.


Yes it would be a very good addition to IF.

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Just a question. In that pic, why are the gear compartments opened on the ramp?!?


Yes it is necessary to deliver both Air France and Air India

They are not open 🙂🛬

Door of the landing gear that they are open

Maybe they must have had them in the wrong position


Yes indeed it will be a very good addition to IF.

We have sky team and one liveries on 77W, lets hope we will get a star alliance livery too.

Please FDS if you add a star alliance livery it should be Air India

I’m sure we will have this livery with 777 rework

I didn’t even know Air India had this livery until today😂

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You should know about it, You were a part of AIVA😒

I’m sure FDS will add this in 777 rework

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If this gets added, we will have liveries of all three alliances in 77W.