Air India set a record with all female crew

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Air India set a record by using only female crews for flight operations from 27th Feburary to 7th March. It’s the first female crew that traveled across the world. The flight was from Delhi (capital of India) to San Francisco the busiest route in Infinite Flight 😄. Boeing 777 was also piloted by only female crew. Even the Ground Crew also consisted of only female crew. The ones who certified the aircraft were also female. The ATC who cleared them for takeoff and their arrival were also female. This historic flight crossed 13 timezones 😓 and carried 16 crew members and 250 passengers and covered 15,000 Kms to San Francisco in just 15 hours. Also Air India has the maximum number of female crew members and pilots in the world.
Air India did this all to celebrate International Womens Day. In my opinion its really great to see any airlines which supporta any serious matter of concern. With increasing girlpower in world, Air India has done it well to set an example.


I’d hope to see this will to fight for a good cause in everyone. We should respect everyone. Being disable, a women( relative because only in some country’s , women are mishandled) or from another country doesn’t mean we have to hate them. This initiative is great

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Wow! That is pretty cool.

Yes i definitely agree with you. Its the best way to convey this message. Amd yes we should treat everyone same.

Yes indeed. It’s lovely😃

Ethiopian Airlines did this too a couple years ago.

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Very nice move from Air India!
Air France did it as well few years ago.

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