Air India Repatriation Flight

Hey everyone,
Recently due the pandemic that we are facing, tons of people are stuck away from home. Air India took a very noble initiative to bring back 14000 Indian citizens back to India by organising 64 flights in 12 countries. I honour their decision and as a tribute i am creating this video on my youtube channel.

Video Link:

I hope you all watch it because this is a heartmade video. I hope you all like it. Also like, comment and subscribe my youtube channel for more such contents.

Flight Details:
Departure: Chicago, United States
Arrival: New Delhi
Livery: Air India
Air Craft: B777-200LR

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Very nice :)

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Thank you so much.

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What happened to the yoke here lmao

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Lol you must ask the autopilot that.

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Ok then lmao.

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