Air India puts two of it's Boeing 787-8s on sale

One of them was delivered in December while the other one in January were put on sale and lease back to pay for a short term loan


If I had enough money I would buy them.


If I have enough money I would buy one for myself and one for FDS :)


If I had money I would buy one for fds team and other for Laura


Noooo! How could they sell two of their most modern planes?

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Read the article. They will sell the jets then lease them back from the new owners. They keep flying with Air India.


And then give one to me ;)

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This crap airlines getting worse day by day


Ok you can get one of these beautifal 787s

Why?? They bothered ordering these amazing aircraft and know they’re just getting rid of them? What’s up Air India? They should pay more attention to their financial needs before ordering next time.

2 beautiful, top of the line aircraft wasted. Hopefully an airline like United or American will pick them up and put them to good use

maybe even JetBlue will buy them :)

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I hope Jetstar gets more 787-8s. And they need more because they’ve already had to stop some 787 routes to use the aircraft in other places. This could be a good chance for them.

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Maybe even Qantas, it could replace their A380 fleet, as they can’t really fly them due to their size…

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Air India is literally selling them so they can lease them back from the new owners and keep flying them to help pay off a previous loan.

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Air India making sensible decisions? That’s funny. They’re tied up with government interference and politics. What the Government of India needs to do is pull an Air Canada and take their hands off the airline so it can be run properly.

Indian government can well afford large amount of these planes. But these crap government will not help Air India and sanction them and will let ot rot away in pieces. And moreover the government should not interfere within the airlines or even the whole aviation thingie. So sad to see my country airline rot away slowly in pieces 😞😢😢

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Qantas are replacing their 747s with the 787-9. The A380s are absolutely fine for the moment.

They should. And they should get a new livery.

Well, Tata had this much better, for sure.


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