Air India plans to retire its 747 aircraft

Another upcoming retirement for this magnificent Queen of the Skies.

(A screenshot from the Infinite Flight heydays)

Air India has announced that they’re planning to phase out their B747 aircraft.

AI first took delivery of this amazing “jumbo jet” in 1971 - registered VT-EBD - and christened it “Emperor Ashoka” (the aircraft sadly crashed into the Arabian Sea, seven years later).

Originally ordered by aviation pioneer JRD Tata, the 747s featured a fully-decked out cabin with dewans and a bar, interior wallpaper and many features which were way ahead of their time, back in the day. Most recently, they were used mainly for VIP flights - until new 777 aircraft were bought as an upgrade for transporting VIP personnel.

Exactly 50 years after the first 747 was delivered, Air India officials say that they are planning to phase out their iconic fleet of jumbos, that were once the leading name in comfort, luxury and service in this part of the world. Their four-engined roar will surely be missed over the Indian skies and beyond!

Main source: End of an era: AI planning to phase out its Boeing 747 jumbo jets - Times of India


I thought they already had been?

Nope, there were a few still flying. Like four of them I think.

I’m glad I got to fly on a United 744 before they retired them, because it looks like I might not get another opportunity :(

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Yeah, I flew on an AI 744 way back in 2007 from EWR-CDG-BOM. Still remember it well, it was the old livery at that time.

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I’m glad I also got to fly on the Air New Zealand 747 in 2013 from SFO-AKL. It is really sad that the queen is leaving from passenger service.

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Your best bet is Lufthansa. IIRC, Asiana and Air China also have a single 747-400 for each.


Yeah, but the chances I go back to Asia or fly to Europe are small 😭 but I really hope I do somehow 🤞

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It lives


hurrah! this is fake, so it gets to live

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Yay!! #VivaLa747

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I am so glad to be mistaken!!! 😁😁😁

This topic can be closed.

Let us praise our joy for the queen of the skies!

Love love the queen!!!

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