Air India plane engine ingests Weather Balloon

An Air India Airbus A321 (ignore the pic) from New Delhi bound for Srinagar developed a technical snag 15 minutes after takeoff. None of the 180 on board got hurt. A spokesperson for AI said it was a weather balloon that had been ingested by the left engine.

Personally, I find this both hilarious and surprising. The Government (a few employees to be specific) used government property to destroy government property. What do you think?


Now adding to the list of ways of how you can get a mechanical failure


I highly doubt that this was done on purpose.


I have read the news a few days ago, but the balloon fell on the runway because of winds, and northwest India experience strong winds in this time of year, I don’t think someone did it for purpose. It was just a normal accident, I’m happy that no one was hurt and the pilot responded to the situation quickly and were able to land the aircraft safely.

There is no evidence of it being intentional. I think we should wait for the investigation in order to know how the balloon got into the flightpath of the Airbus before jumping into conclusions.

Glad no one was hurt in this ordeal.

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@Balloonchaser what did you do this time? 😜


This is honestly hilarious 😂 I can’t think of this ever happening and it did well I guess you just don’t know what can happen sometimes 🤷‍♂️

Well, the engine ate something bad and needs an emergency check. XD

Also, what is a “technical snag?”

This is perhaps the most humorous way to fail an engine, way better than some flappy bois. Good thing that nobody was hurt, but how does this happen!?!?!? Don’t these guys fly much higher than airliners?

@Balloonchaser are you ok? All safe?

lame joke, I know.



No one was hurt on the flight m8

I think he’s talking about the balloon. obviously in very bad shape, not the passengers onboard…

If @Balloonchaser chases balloons, I hope he didn’t chase that weather balloon 😳

But seriously, I’m glad no one got injured or killed, and proud of the pilots of that flight for landing safely.

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I’m fine guys! :)

A big misconception is that Hot Air Balloons really have nothing to do with Weather Balloons other than that we fly with hot air.

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I will be releasing a topic about Hot Air Balloons within the coming weeks


@RTG113, @Rohan625 and @Kiz, I am just implying that the government employees kept the weather balloon a bit too close to the airport for comfort (else it wouldn’t have been ingested in the first place). Or maybe the ATC was unaware about the balloon.

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