Air India New Livery

Dear friends,

Does Infinite Flights updates Liveries of Planes as airlines change their Liveries
For example Air India has a new Livery now

Can we see that livery in game as well?

Vote here for the new livery.

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Hey !, as of now the only aircraft with the older Air India livery is the A320,A321,747,777 and the 787 there is currently feature request for the Airbus A350 in Air India colours 😁

Air India Airbus A350-900 | VT-JRH

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It’s based on demand from the players. If people want it, they create a feature request for it so people can vote for it and show their support towards it eventually making it into the game. As of right now, the Air India A350 with the new livery is the most voted for livery. When the next round of liveries get confirmed, it will definitely be the first on that list

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