Air India Flight forgets to retract landing gear, runs short of fuel & diverts...

There is an option for the a320s that they can have a 4 wheel main gear, intended for less developed runways etc


Yeah, you’re right but that’s exactly what my friend said

Better to declare an emergency than not. If something doesn’t feel right about your aircraft, I’d declare just to be safe. Especially if instruments start to fail. Altho, ATC diverting everyone doesn’t sound right

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Correct, after reaching a speed in which the manufacturer states the gear have been over sped, you don’t want to retract the gear due to the possibility of failure during retraction.

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Everyone is so harsh on these guys. Personally, I’ve done it more than once. Fortunately, I did not yet have a fuel burn feature ;)


You don’t need to be on your game to remember to retract landing gear… it’s essential

Could there have been other issues such as the gear pin left in? Only discovered once taken off and as aircraft was overweight to land decided to carry on towards destination before stoping to refuel and take the pin out?

Remember newspapers are telling you a story from a certain point of view and may not either tell you or even know all the facts.

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Ive done that in infitne flight once lol

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A passenger should’ve atleast asked an FA why there wasn’t any clanging noise after takeoff

Wow that pilot should’ve been ghosted, too bad ATC wasn’t online to do so. People like him dont belong on the expert, leave that for casual Lol :$.


Wowww. Ok, I can understand that if positive climb isn’t called by pilot flying, it wouldn’t trigger the other pilot to say gear up and action it. However, that is just a flow check and should always be followed by a mandatory after takeoff checklist. What the hell was going on inside the cockpit is beyond me.

They could have intended to let the gears down longer than usual in order to let the brakes cool down and eventually forgot about it (or their attention got drown away by something: weather, traffic…).

There could plenty of reasons that could explain this easily to be honest, so the best option is to wait for the investigation report.

Moreover, the 320 is designed in such a way that the landing gear safety valve will be automatically closed above 260 knots, therefore cutting off the hydraulic pressure to the landing gear. As a consequence, had they seen their mistake, they wouldn’t have been able to retract the gears above 260 knots (@TopGrob93 can probably tell more about this) .

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Never heard of this one before. Do the brakes often get hot during a take off roll?

Not during take-off roll but during taxi. And yes it happens relatively often.

well you learn something new every day…

I never even knew about that until now! Thanks for teaching me something new! :)

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Also should belong to Training Server 1, where noobs and bad pilots belong. :)

Give the guy some grace guys, this was probably his first time on the expert server, jk.


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