Air India flight 191 recieves bomb threat, AI finds that most of the baggage was left at Mumbai

What do you do if you find that your baggage is still at the airport you flew from? Argue with the staff, never fly with the airline, or even sue them, right? But what if it could have saved your life? That’s what happened on AI 191. The Mumbai-Newark flight was forced to land at London Stansted due to a bomb threat Air India received. But it turned out, most of the baggage was still at CSIA! The baggage was left behind due to overbooking. Though it seems the email was a hoax, it was a very funny one.


I first thought it was an article from onion

If The Onion did report on India, the ruling party’s supporters would have bashed it on Twitter and Facebook (especially if they satirised the PM in their articles).
Anyways, this is probably a once-in-history event, so maybe that’s what makes it funny and interesting.

I’ve found the flight on FR24

You won’t be affected by baggages carrying bombs if you don’t carry baggages at all!


Do many other airlines leave bags behind? I thought one of the biggest selling points of the 777 was its ability to carry cargo for extra revenue in addition to whatever baggage there was from the passengers, hence why dedicated Cargo airlines are getting fewer and far between, mostly only for large loads that cannot be stuck in the hold of a 77W.


It’s a 191…oh no, this doesn’t look good.

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191 is a really unlucky flight number…

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