Air India "double bogey" A320

On some of air india’s A320’s the main undercarriage is composed of two wheels (like the 787). The reason for this is purely because some of the runways in India aren’t very well maintained thus the aircraft will not “crack/damage” them due to a bigger footprint making for a safer takeoff and landing.
They are a few unique airbus and it would be cool in the game especially with global just around the corner.


I have never seen this. Quite an interesting feature request. I give it a yes.


It is peculiar to see this and it looks really out of place but oh well another weird plane for us to fly :)


This should be great!


Don’t worry, we can do mistakes, still will be interesting to have this feature for the A320.


Specially in airfields with runways in poor conditions.


Gear tilt on the A320, bleeh.

Looks good!

I am so surprised I’ve never seen an A320 with this in my life, it should be added but it’ll still feel weird.

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Would be a nice addition which wasn’t added with the a320 update

That is cool! Is it just Air India whom do this?

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Air India (okay, Indian Airlines) was the only orderer of the double-bogey version. But with the increasing age on them, they may be retired soon.

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The amount of work the devs whould have to put in for this would not be worth it

I seem to recall there are only 6 of them in the world so not really a popular design!

There are more than 30 in the world

Should be added in to the game

Fair enough, only ever seen them in India TBH.


Cause only Indian Airlines (later merged with Air India) Ordered them