Air India Boeing 787-8 (Star Alliance Livery)

Credits: Airlinespotters

Why Air India?

Air India is the national Airline serving from India to the world. As of current news the Airline has about 118 aircrafts which fly to 90+ destinations. With the addition of the latest aircraft in the fleet the B787-8 Dreamliner. Air India currently operates 27 Dreamliner which fly both on International and domestic routes.

About the 787 special livery

Well , Did you know that Air India B787-8 under the registration VT-ANU is the world’s first 787-8 Aircraft to be painted in Star alliance Livery . This is the only 787-8 in the whole AI fleet along with 2 more aircrafts to possess this special livery. This aircraft is also used during inauguration and launch of new destinations. The livery itself is a beauty have nothing to say about this.

If you did like my topic please leave a vote to support and get this livery in infinite flight.

Cheers 🍻.

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It’s a very nice livery that suits the 787, although I lean more towards the ANA 787-9 star alliance livery. However you formatted this in a very neat way, so you have my support.


Thanks a lot for your support @anon7075715.

Definitely deserve my vote

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Looks really cool with the Star alliance livery, well, all of the Star Alliance liveries are cool. 😎

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Awesome thanx for your support @Rohan625 & @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

Seen this aircraft at Heathrow and Singapore. Nice livery for the 787. Hope to see it soon, voted!


We from Air india virtual would love to see this livery get added.


Can I just say that I love all Star Alliance Liveries and this is no exception. I’d love to see this in IF and the livery fit Air India very well for their 787-8 :)


Thanks so much for your support!

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Awesome request!! Flew this back from Charles De Gaulle back in June. Looks really good!! Has my vote as soon as i spare one