Air India Boeing 777-300ER


Wow 46 votes, last time I saw it we had around 34


I think Air India has one of the most unique liveries currently. Would be nice to have this added, but sadly I’m out of votes.


Its an amazing livery which represents Indian culture, cant wait to fly with livery to US destinations when it comes out


Thanks @indraniel :)


Only one more to 50 votes.


We are at 50 votes now, yay!


Make that 51 by me


Hope this livery is added in upcoming update, Fingers crossed.


Guys, I am happy to officially report that the Air India B77W feature request has surpassed the United B77W votes!! We are inching closer to this being a reality, lets push this feature a little more…


We surpassed them long ago, I just hope devs add it cause its second highest voted 77W request after TAM 77W request


We at AIVA are waiting so long for this, its not fun flying a generic livery to US destinations


Saw the TAM 77W recently, hope this livery is also added


I hope Dev’s will not make same mistakes in the livery as they did in Air India 200LR


What mistakes did they make ?


I think he is talking about some minor mistakes like the design on the engines and every Air India aircraft represents an Indian state, the one we have in IF represents the state of ‘Jharkhand’ but its not written there


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Fingers crossed, hope this livery will be added in 19.1 update


Yep, fingers crossed for this livery


Now keeping my fingers crossed it will come with the next update!


One of the most beautiful liveries ! 😍😍 Would love to see it 😍


Yup we will have it one day