Air India Boeing 777-300ER


Would be cooler with the star alliance livery since we already have this livery for the B772 but would love both never bad with many livery’s to chose from


Addition of this livery and Star Alliance one will be a prefect gift to Indian community.


I’ve seen this plane takeoff from KEWR many times. Love the engine sound, not the livery. It’s a no-go from me.


Some love this livery and some don’t, it’s one’s opinion but we Indians love our flag carrier.


here is the subject of the functionality, boeing 777-300 ER Star Allience (Air India).


Wow it would be awesome if IF adds Air India livery. The livery represents the culture and how traditional and beautiful truly India is. @Rohan625 I am proud of you Rohan that you got this amazing idea

All the Best
Charan Konda


A good livery and a great idea.

good luck
harish k


Thanks guys thanks for your support:)


Wow, I thought it would be difficult to get 30 votes and now this request has more than 30.


Gorgeous Livery, Left a vote :)


I made a similar request not here in the community but on social media platform. I have given my vote and hope to see this 777 beauty in AI livery soon with the next update.


We will see this soon😉


It’s amazing to see this request making this far, hope to see this soon


With Air India virtual finally approved, I cant wait to see more aircraft’s with Air India livery


Need this in IF!


One short Question, dont we have a 777 Air India already in the game? Wouldn’t it be better when we have like 2-3 liveries from big airlines and much more liveries from smaller airlines? Or special liveries? It would be much better when you vote for diversity, not for a second 777 livery that looks like the first one.

The Star Alliance livery would add something new and good to Air India’s IF fleet. Please think about that


The 777 we have in IF is only used for one route New Delhi to San Francisco. In real life Air India operates only 3 77L but Air India’s 77W are widely used for direct flights to US destinations, so 77L is like a special aircraft and not a regular one that becomes a major workhorse of the fleet.


Can we have this one as well with other 77W liveries


40 votes! I hope developers will rework 777 soon and add this livery as well


Air India names its 777s after Indian states.
@indraniel, @racerhell513 which state do you want in our 777 livery