Air India Boeing 777-300ER


Good to see this request crossed 20 votes, I hope it will be added soon.


I hope they will add right colours to it, if it is added as in IF aircraft is white in colour while in real life it is Ivory in colour. All Air India aircraft are white in colour in IF.


We are almost there, Lets get this livery to 777 fleet.


747 was used as Presidential aircraft before 777 were inducted, but now they are being used for passenger services. I would love to see the newer 777-300ER which are now being used in place of these 747s as VVIP transport.


This is one of the last 77W delivered to Air India that will be used for long haul routes for President and Prime Minister, various security features will be added before being used as transport.


With more than 20 votes we are going well, I think this livery will be added soon to IF.


The livery looks stunning on the 77W, wish to see this in IF.


We’ve reached 25 votes! We are close to get this livery to IF one day.


Yeah, I’ve removed one vote of mine from other request and voted here…🤗


How many votes for we need to get this livery to IF.


A lot many more there is no specific number, the highest votes in feature list will get done by fds


Ah,cool,I voted,Will love to see this livery in out Air india virtual airlines


We need a lot more votes then, When I was searching Indian liveries requests I saw the last request got 0 votes, and this request has a lot more votes than previous one. With such a huge support I think this livery will be added one day.


Thank you for coming back and giving your vote to this request.


If this livery gets added along with Air India Star Alliance livery that will be perfect for Air India VA.


You are welcome friend as an Indian I’ll support more Indian liveries


We are now in top 3 77W request with TAM and United 77W request ahead of us in terms of votes, Lets see if this request can reach 30 votes.


It will surely reach 30 votes and IF hanger as well🙂


You have my vote! Would love to see this aircraft in IF, surely it shouldn’t be that difficult to copy the livery from -200LR to the W with minor modifications.


It will come to IF, with your support to this request I’m sure we will see this livery soon🙂