Air India Boeing 777-300ER


Credit: Dave Leung

Hello Everyone,

I would like Air India’s 777-300ER to be added to IF.

Air India currently operates 15 Boeing 777-300ERs, this aircraft will be best suited for destinations like Chicago, New York, Newark, Washington Dulles and Frankfurt.

Three new aircrafts delivered will be used for VVIP purpose to transport The President of India, Vice President and Prime Minister of India.

If you like this don’t forget to vote.


Great livery, would love to see it in infinite flight.


Not bad, although I’d prefer the Jet Airways 777-300ER livery


Yes yes #DC Area Airports!!


the more livery, on the plane, the Boeing 777, the better. And I am happy if one day later. Livery added.


Air india needs a more modern livery its starting to age


I disagree. I like the traditional Indian style livery. Air India is one of the last airlines to keep such a traditional livery. I’d love to see this in IF.


That’s true. Also air China.


I’m out of votes but would love to see this in IF, also the Jet Airways 777-300ER would be very well welcomed by me.


They may add it soon, but it is likely they will add more popular airlines. Hopefully it does get added, it looks quite nice.


Since three new 777s are going to be used as Air India One we definitely need this, you have my vote.


Im out of but Need this livery. Hopefully they will add soon


Not in a hurry, don’t forget to vote when you have one ;)


Its good to see we are making progress and have got more votes than the previous request, I hope we will se this livery in IF soon.


You have my support I hope we will get this livery one day in IF. voted :)


We need this in IF. Amazing livery.


One of my favourite liveries, really want to to have this in IF.


Nice Livery! Voted. Hope it’s added.


Great we have reached 21 votes! keep voting guys.


I had a flight from Delhi to Washington couple of months ago, it was nice experience in this aircraft. Really want to have this in IF.