Air India Boeing 777-300ER

Who woudn’t like a beautiful livery added to the Boeing 777-300ER? ;)

Photo credits to Akshay M.

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Yes I want
I want more air India liveries


This would be a good edition for the long-haulers at BHX/EGBB!

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They use the 787-8 at EGBB in real life.

Perfect for flying in/out of Newark!

I thought they used the 777 or they used to.

Would be nice, I love the Air India livery.

Nope, not anymore. (Filler)

Back to the top, updated the topic :)

I would love this aircraft, would be even awesome to have the aircraft registered as VT-ALT! :)


Looks so awesome livery on B777.

Very wonderful!

Would love to see this added in the future, an amazing livery to go with that making aircraft

I love it!

Would be lovely addition to the existing B777-300ER liveries

Could the owner of this topic please vote for their own request to show that you really want it. Anyways, this is a nice livery request.

It was created before the voting system was started

Well, I’m guessing he/she can vote now, right?

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I actually have this model in my 64-count plane collection so it would be cool to see it in IF.