Air India Boeing 747-200

We already have the Boeing 747-200 and Air India’s New Livery in The Boeing 747-400 but this one has old Livery and will look good

Poll [poll name="AIRINDIABOEING747-200"]
  • It Would be a nice addition
  • It’s Okay
  • We don’t need this
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Btw, don’t use polls in feature requests. The devs notice if something gets lots of likes, not a good result in the polls. 😀


Looks nice and retro :)

Then Should I delete the poll?

You can keep it for now, but just don’t do it next time!

Are u in air India VA ?

Yes we need this in the sim!


There is no Air India VA however I am planning

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Do let me know when u create it … ;)

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OK… is it active ? And what is ur role there ?

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