Air India Airbus A320

Photo credit- VT-EDE Air India Airbus A320-214 Photo by Sriram Hariharan | ID 227712 |
Thought it would be a nice addition


Strange, I thought it was requested already. Anyway, nice livery!


No it wasn’t requested though it is Available on the Airbus A321

That topic is requesting the A320 with the double bogey landing gear. This request only has the normal bogey.


I searched but didn’t found this

Maybe the a320 with the double bogey would be an option. Certainly would be cool in Infinite Flight.

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No, I don’t really care for it. We already have it on other planes.

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I wasn’t actually referring to that one though.

Says the one who requested for another Delta livery :p

The livery is bad honestly they should make it more colourful

Don’t really like Air India’s liveries

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No difference with the livery, so technically it’s already requested