Air India Airbus A320(Sharklets)

This will be the second livery I want after Jet A330 in 2021

Im expecting this livery this year. Its will be about 3 years by now since I created this livery request.

OMG this is happening, we want Air India A320 into the sim.

Always whenever a member of AIVA posts a livery request of an air india aircraft it actually comes in IF.

Well you have my vote for this beauty! :)


I was lucky last time hehe. I never thought my Air India 77W request will get 185 votes!

True, anyway I always love the Air India Liveries


Air India livery is indeed eye catching especially in bright sunlight.

We have to use A321 even on smaller domestic airports where A321 cannot land. Air India A320 will give us that opportunity.

Very True, Indeed this feature will benefit us Domestic flyers in India.

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Great just 1 vote away from 90, and then 90s pressure starts just like cricket.

There are a lot of livery requests on the A320 and with limited resources I’m not sure it will be added.

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90 votes!

thanks to the 90th voter, let’s get this to 100+ now

Air India colours look amazing during sunset and sunrise

Photo credits to Alvin Ho.

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Not sure when the devs are going to add new liveries to IF, I just can’t wait to see it.

Waiting for this for so long

Last time I checked it was 87. Great going guys!

Which variant do you like

Regular wingtips

Or the sharklets

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Regular wingtips A320 looks sleek much like the A321 we have in IF