Air India A330-200

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Hello Everyone,

I would like Air India’s A330 to be added to Infinite flight. The A330 is one of the best aircraft series in my opinion and I found that Air India had an A330 the other day so I thought of making a feature to add AI livery to the A330 #AI A330!

Thank you for searching.

Duplicate ❌

I wish I could vote but I’m out

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Smashed 🥊 the VOTE 🗳 Button!!

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I would love to do fictional route with this Beauty of an airplane

Fictional as in VIDP - VNKT?? 😂




I would love to see it but I can’t give vote to an aircraft that has been retired a long time ago

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my favorite engines version , YESSSSS !

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Voted for this beauty!

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Instead of this, we should rally behind the jet airways a330!! Both are beautiful planes, but we need MUCH MORE Jet Airways representation, we have a lot of Air India aircraft

Devs will only rework -300 varient for A330 so it won’t come right now. Let’s have Jet Airways instead.

Oh I thought AI operated the 200 nvm WE NEED JET AIRWAYS

Wow… for some reason I have never seen an Air India A330 or knew that it exists… this is literally the first time I’ve seen it lol

I’m still hoping for Jet Airways A330 though!