Air india 941 VIJP to OMDB

Aircraft: B787
Airline: Air India
Server: Expert
Flight time: 3hrs 45min
Airports: Jaipur International to Dubai International

Parked at gate in the evening sun

Leaving Jaipur like the Deserted land it is 😂
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Omg that sunset mmmmmmmmm…🌅
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I think this is one of my butteriest landing ever

Welcome to Dubai Habibi!. Parked with another beautiful air india 772


Your pictures didn’t quite upload properly. I am not able to see them.

Maybe try uploading them again?!

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Sure im having problems with uploading it only says processing

I need a solution man

try waiting until the upload is done before saving the edit and posting the thread

i think just clicking on the edit option and then waiting for it to load should work

Alr thanks will try 👍

hey 3 of your photos have uploaded but the other two haven’t so try editing and waiting again