Air India 777-300ER Star Alliance

From: cv880m

I really think IF should add the Air India Star Alliance 777-300ER livery. It would add more variety to the 777-300ERs. The original would also be nice! The registration is VT-ALJ and the name in the aircraft is Bihar.


Nice looking livery

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One of Star Alliance would be nice to see, which one good Question 🤓🤓🤓😉 We can make poll. ^^

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Is it Hindi on the left and English on the right as usual?

Yeah! That is another thing I like about their livery! It is unique!

Else, I’ll just say it’s too plain lol

We all have our own opinions ;)

“Else”. Do you understand what this word means?

Whoops, forgot to read the entire thing! I was in a rush to quickly finish an email, so I skimmed quickly through the reply. I saw “too plain lol” I was skimming. Sorry :)

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I like it a lot!

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Since there is a SkyTeam 777-300ER and a OneWorld 777-300ER livery (coming soon), I think they should add the Star Alliance 777-300ER livery as well. I like this livery a lot! It looks good on the Air India 777-300ER, in my opinion.

Do you think the Devs will consider this livery for the 777-300ER. We have OneWorld and SkyTeam, how about Stat Alliance. I want this livery, but I don’t need it. It ewould be cool to see this livery on the 777-300ER!

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Should to be added with the standard livery too!

True. But we are getting the 777-200LR of Air India, the Star Alliance 777-300ER would be nice.

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Looking smart!

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