Air India 126 ORD-DEL 12.18.20

Happy Friday evening!

Ahhh glad to see my home airport open! Chicago O’hare: A major hub for American and United! That was the theme for today’s Friday Night Flight and I wanted to perform a flight that I haven’t done before. For this flight, I flew Air India flight 126! This flight is a 7-day/week flight out of O’hare with a destination at Indira Gandhi in Delhi that for many years, has been flown by Air India’s Boeing 777-300ER. It’s about a 13 hour flight that happens to be very scenic towards the last leg where the route flies over the great Himalayas! I’ve included some pictures of just that!

Taxing to runway 28R for departure! Time is 8:01AM CST. With just about an hour left of the flight, the most scenic part comes right here! Following a United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER on short final for 28! At 9:36AM Delhi time, AIC 126 arrives! Look! I perfectly greased that landing! 😍

Photos were taken on the Expert Server and edited with Lightroom!


Last pic is 🤩

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Air india livery looks so special!