Air Iceland Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 TF-FXI.

This Dash 8 Q400 flew for the first time in the year 2001 with the serial number 4033, with the test registration C-GFRP (Bombardier), and powered by 2xPratt & Whitnet Canada PWC PW150A.
It was first delivered to Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) as LN-RDM on February 1 2001. It flew with them until November 2007, when it was stored at Exeter.
It was leased by Flybe on July 25 2008 and given the registration G-ECOV. Flybe operated the aircraft until 2011, when they returned it to the lessor on February.
Colgan Air became the next user for this Dash 8 Q400. It was delivered to them on February 6 2011 as N33WQ. Its operational life with these airline was limited however, since Colgan Air was phased out by its parent company, and all of its assets were transferred to other subsidiaries.
Bombardier got back the aircraft and stored it with the registration C-GLPE on June 2012.
The fourth client for these Dash 8 Q400 was Air Niugini, to whom it was delivered on December 19 2012 and given the registration P2-PXQ. It was, again, stored, in August 2015.
Its final and, for now, actual user, is Air Iceland. Registered as TF-FXI, it was delivered on August 21 2015.

From now on, every aircraft biography I do will have for title the present operator of the aircraft, with its registration.




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