Air Hong Kong night

Is me again. This time Air Hong Kong, a small cargo airline is featured.
In case you don’t know what is Air Hong Kong,
Air Hong Kong (stylized as air Hongkong) (Chinese: 香港華民航空) is an all-cargo airline based in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline operates an express freight network to 12 destinations in nine countries (from Wikipedia)

But what makes her special?
Air Hong Kong is the only operator of A300 in Hong Kong now and the only operator of A330-300F around the globe. And the most importantly, her operations mainly in the midnight. This means it is not that easy to spot her. Well I actually saw her flight took off in the afternoon, but I can’t catch it because of the barricades

Sorry for the low quality as my night spotting skills are so rusty.

The B-LDC operating LD128 toward Seoul Incheon

The EI-HEB operating LD561 to Penang via Ho chi Menh City

Wanna see more photos? Go to check this out! It is managed by me and my friend.


Night spotting is a hard task. You did very well!


Doesn’t FedEx fly the A300 into HKG? Or is that just the 310.

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That would be Seoul, but great spotting!

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Although English is not my mother tone, that is shameful for me to misspell the capital of korea🤦‍♂️


Now they send MD-11F and Boeing 777F to Hong Kong.

Don’t worry, I’ve spoken English my whole life (can’t speak anything else actually other than a handful of words) and I still make mistakes, nothing to worry about! 😁

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Nevermind, I’m dumb! He was based in Guangzhou.


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