Air Hawaii DC-10

Air Hawaii’s DC-10 is a colorful livery that I think would be a lovely addition to the IF upcoming update!

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About Air Hawaii

Air Hawaii was a scheduled passenger airline providing service between Honolulu and the U.S. West Coast cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The airline advertised its service as “High Class. Low Fares.” Founded by Michael J. Hartley, who previously started The Hawaii Express and would later co-found CheapTickets, Air Hawaii began operations between Honolulu and Los Angeles on November 22, 1985, and added service between San Francisco in December. The airline almost immediately ran into financial problems and discontinued operations on February 19, 1986.

Air Hawaii Fleet

Air Hawaii, for the one year they were in service, boasted a luxurious 2 McDonnell Douglass DC-10 fleet (N904WA & N905WA). The interiors of the aircraft, similarly to that of La Compagne, were filled with “business class” seats for the journey from the west coast of Continental US to the Hawaiian islands.

I think that this livery is colorful, sleek, and we need some more Hawaiian aircrafts! Please leave your vote and any feedback that you may have for me as this is my first features request!

To the beloved but not so beloved mods and community, I have searched far and wide on this community for this to make sure it’s not a duplicate, but if it is, please feel free to close this thread.

Now this is pretty!! (Much better then that Hawaiian Air Piece of Metal)

Hawaiian Virtual Approves! :P


Man, this is one heck of a livery, might just have to hit that “vote” button on this one!


You have my vote! I’d love to fly that around!


dont like this livery compared to current its still okay though :)


nice livery love to see this one this one needs more votes I’m voting


I understand what you are saying, it’s not the prettiest and also the airline was only around for a few months. I love the colorful scheme though and I think that it’s a “nice to have”, maybe for a future update.

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Now that the update is finally out, I think this livery would be an awesome addition! Vote for it if you like it!


Yeah! You got my vote :P


There is only a few Hawaiian liveries. Would be great to add another.


What a beautiful bird!!
Add this Hawaiian Air livery does not only make the Hawaiian fans such like me happy, but also add a vivid touch to Hawaiian aviaction history🛬😎🛫

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