Air Greenland Orders One A330-800neo

Air Greenland has confirmed an order for one single Airbus A330-800neo


The one A330-800neo will arrive in a few years and be used to launch two new routes:
Copenhagen to Nuuk and Ilulissat once the runway expansion project in Nuuk and new airport in Ilulissat are completed.

  • Air Greenland has been debating whether to choose the Boeing 787 or the A330neo to replace their 21 year old A330-200.
  • The one A330-800neo is worth $260 million or 1.75 billion Danish Krone.

“Greater capacity and more routes will mean reduced travel times and lower fares for our customers in the future. Travelers will experience better comfort in the new cabin, and the latest technology makes us the market leader in reducing CO2 emissions per passenger. We are proud of this investment, which will contribute positively to Greenland’s development for many years to come,” says Air Greenland CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen.

Video Summation

Nice to see another airline order the unpopular A330-800neo. Congrats to Airbus and Air Greenland!


What is it about Iceland and Greenland having such bright liveries? 😂

This would be a fun livery to have if we get the A330 NEO in IF.


It’s so they can be seen through the ice and snow 😂


Glad the A330-800neo is getting attention! It’s such an underrated aircraft.


Better quality image by Airbus’ Twitter


Holy smokes that’s an insane livery! I love it!

that a nice airplane

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Ohhhhhhhhhh, I saw the A3 and the 800 so I thought it was an A380 and my first two thoughts were, “That’s not a smart financial decision” and “There is no A380-800 NEO”


Imagine the Greenland livery on an A380… that’d be crazy

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According to the article, as I read though it all, it says that the A330-800neo they ordered has a list-price of $260 Million, which is roughly 1,75 Billion Danske Kroner (Danish Krone).

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Why are they selling their A332? They should start service to JFK with that and Copenhagen with the A338N

In what world is there enough passenger demand from anywhere other than Denmark? No one is going to fly to Nuuk or Greenland for that matter from NYC, that’s unreasonable. They already make good profit on their route to Denmark, no need to over-expand and throw money down the drain.


Thanks, looks like they updated that info.

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That is so awesome that they order it

I would fly to Greenland just to fly on this plane.

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Single aircraft fleets are always risky, but the aircraft choice is very lovely!

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That’s for Greenland to Copenhagen.
They have a regional fleet, but I understand we’re your coming from

It’s also of note that being one of very few flights to the rest of the world they have a lot of other things to think about. That flight is used for cargo, patient transfer, a lot more than just tourists, so flying to the Neatherlands makes more sense than anywhere else since they are a province of there.

Does this mean A330 services to Kangerlussuaq will terminate?

Ok, let me get this out. The livery looks great on the Dash-8, but I can’t say that about the A330, it’s still good, but not great in my opinion.

Other than that, great sale for Airbus, and Air Greenland will get a boost with these more efficient aircraft, it’s a win-win!