Air Greenland in Toronto?

I am currently in Toronto, and decided to walk down to the bay. As some of you may know, Toronto has a city airport located on one of the islands just off the shore. To my surprise, I looked over, and saw an Air Greenland Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 parked. I know that only Air Canada, Porter, and FlyGTA operate to Billy Bishop, so I was very confused as to why this was here. If anyone knows why this plane is here, please comment. Thanks
(The picture is not very good quality, but I know it’s Air Greenland)


Maintenance i guess? Considering its a Bombardier


Maybe, but isn’t Bombardier based out of Montreal?


Nope. Bombardier has Mirabel, Billy Bishop and Downsview airport. I love near Downsview airport so I always see a CRJ, Q400, or a Global fly over me for a Test Flight. And sometimes when I’m at a baseball game, I see test flights at YTZ

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hmm Toronto City and Downsview? Why two bases so close to each other? Does YTZ do Q400s and Downsview do CRJs or something?

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I don’t know the relation with the 2. I assume it takes off YZD and lands at YTZ and vice-versa?

Bombardier does not have a base at CYTZ. Only YZD and YMX.
Although dont know why Air Greenland would be At YTZ.

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Bombardier currently makes the CRJs and the A220 (aka C series) at Mirabel. They are/were building the Q400s and Global express at Downsview. But the latter is gonna move probably to Mirabel due to the airport closing in the near future.

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What about ytz then

Air Greenland retired there dash 7s a while ago, Air Tindi then picked them up and store them at Billy Bishop but haven’t taken the bright red livery of them because they lease them to the Canadian government for different thing mostly in the fare north.

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No bombadier operations at ytz. Unless they just want to fly in.

That makes more sense cuz Toronto City and Downsview are too close lol

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