Air Greenland Cessna 172

I have made a previous post requesting more private liveries for the 172 (like the Cirrus) But today I was looking on around on Google and I came across an article mentioning that Air Greenland used to operate a C172, I’m not sure why/what for but it certainly looks interesting.

I know there is no region in IF that this aircraft would fly in in real life and it doesn’t exist anymore but it is a livery that I would love to see in IF.


the devs might make this livery not for sure though

I would love to see more C172 liveries.


i agree i would like to see more to

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I wish more Cessna liveries, Air Greenland in green colours.

Great idea you should update the photo/link. The current link is dead.

He won’t be able to as this post was made 4 years ago and the OP isn’t active anymore.