Air Greenland Boeing 757

Voted, excellent livery and would be my motivation to explore a country that I haven’t ever seen before!

This needs a thread bump for sure. It would be amazing to have this aircraft in game to represent Greenland!

Thats a nice livery. Greenland scenery Is breath taking.

Got my vote as well! Such a unique livery and would open up flying to the amazing, scenic beauty of Greenland with a realistic aircraft and livery in Infinite Flight!

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Declan wants this livery, so I want it too.


The cherry red looks amazing on this

I would love to fly this livery!

Greenland is such a beautiful place, even without topography. We need this livery.

Was this ever used for domestic service and was it used on international flights other than Kangerlussuanq-Copenhagen?

No I’m pretty sure the 757/A330 are only used for the one Nuuk- Copenhagen (Kangerlussuaq)

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And I think also Thule-Copenhagen, the A330 operates that

Yes please! We need an airline for that fat chunk of land

Tactical Bump ;)

This has my vote I love the all red.

I really hope this gets added considering it didn’t have many votes until they announced

OMG. What a beauty, why didn’t I notice it before , I’ll free a vote for it ASAP.

That red on the livery is awesome and just strikes me as different. I’d love to see it in game.

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Update : I just voted for it, we are 20 now :p

This livery is so special.

We need People to visit Greenland and still livery would help so we totally need this (Even though the current one is on the A332 but it isn’t in Infinite flight)

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I have voting because I would like to have the opportunity to fly with this company in Infinite Flight.

Here’s a map of the company’s flights ; Map

Great Topic !

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