Air Greenland Airbus A330-800neo

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I saw check on the internet for Google information about Air Greenland it bought new product is an Airbus A330-800neo next year in 2022 later quarter will be replace from A330-200 (OY-GRN) named Norsaq ← the age 22.9 years old Ex-Sabena (OO-SFP) the delivered last September 1998.It the commuter from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Copenhagen, Denmark to common. It will be the coldest the ice at Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, will be. It’s a very hard cold in the Fall and Winter, too.

Credit photo N/A on the internet for info.

It’s a note listed input last down below.

Air Greenland will get a new Airbus A330-800neo able join new game involve IF in the future have fun!

That’d be so great! Sadly we’ll only get the A330-900 :(


Got my vote! Love their red livery!

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Thank you. Alright, it’s so sometimes very little size expect A330-200 and 800neo both, too eventually important here on IFC.

Thank you!

No one aircraft A330-800neo the flight commuter Kangerlussuaq, Greenland - Copenhagen, Denmark.
It’s not enough for the trip to Canada or KJFK/JFK, New York, do nothing to double aircraft the flight around.