Air Greenland A330-800neo in Infinite Flight?

Air Greenland recently just dropped this IFE trailer for their their new A330-800neo, though the picture looks awfully like it was taken in Infinite Flight. What do you think?


Could be. That doesn’t mean it’s coming, though. Wouldn’t be the first time Infinite Flight was hired to render something like this.


If you zoom in it doesn’t really look like IF

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Those engines are not quite like IF’s, as well as the wing and livery details… but i can see what you mean in terms of the background


I think you thought the background was from Infinite Flight. I really don’t think this from Infinite Flight because it looks computer generated or animated just for that post


Would be a complete waste of time, air Greenland’s hub isn’t even 3D lol and they only do a handful of routes with it

That’s a bit of an overstatement, don’t ya think?

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No and I stand my statement. Unless they made Nuuk 3D I still state that

Nuuk can’t even handle an A330 so that’s irrelevant

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