Air Greenland A330-200

It kind of looks like the Brussels airlines livery with dots on the vertical stabilizer

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It would be AMAZING if we saw the Air Greenland and WOW Air liveries!!! those full body colors would be so cool!

Yes! Those livery’s are both very beautiful. I would be extremely happy to see them in Infinite Flight.


Yeah! It’s also cool how they’re both stationed in countries right by each other.

I wish the guy who made this topic could update this post with a better picture… the one he chose is very unclear and far away. I hope he sees the photo i posted here abit further up and changes it to that one!


Since it’s been over 90 days, I don’t think that he can re-edit the request.

Would love to see this in IF with the eventual A330 rework! 😁


So do I… ;)

This bad boy needs a bump !

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We need this so much:)

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Bumping this thread . When Greenland 🇬🇱 becomes HD this surely will be a beautiful addition for IF …


How awesome it would be to fly with this livery! Alot of us fly over Greenland when we cross the Atlantic, but imagine how cool it would be to actually fly to Greenland with their beautiful snowy airports and fantastic scenery.


This is just one beautiful livery. 🇬🇱

It is. Deserves a spot in the sim!

Just thought I would push this up, with its possible replacement it would be nice to have it in game!

Got my vote, beautiful livery, not enough attention

The Communist Airbus

love it, my 2nd favorite after the Oman air 330 ;)

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this better come with the update this plane needs to be in the infinite flight fleet

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Gonna bump this back up to give it another chance