Air Freight Liveries

A comment from many of the IF pilots who love flying Air Freight on Fedex, UPS and many of the other global carriers. With all that is going on in the world I wish that IF would add not remove liveries for Freight Carriers. For some we are down to 1 or 2 very old airframes, and in some cases had one removed that was reworked just last year. While I applaud adding QATAR, and other Commercial airline liveries, I hope we will also pay some attention to the traditional top 2 - Fedex, QATAR, and UPS. Thanks for hearing me out! Cheers to all the IF teams and staff. Good day.


Feel free to vote for these on #features! That’s the best way to support these liveries.

P.S. I agree too! Cargo is fun to fly :)



Like @Cooper_Marcukaitis said, if you’d like to voice this in a way to gain others support feel free to make a #features request or vote for already made ones. Lots of people love the airlines aswell.



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