Air France's LCC, Joon, shuts down

Almost as quickly as it came, Joon is being reabsorbed back into Air France. The airline, aimed at millennials, never really found success. All its’ assets and structure will be returned into parent Air France. I personally thought that this was going to happen, as the brand was never advertised and defined, and millennials are a difficult market to pitch to. What do you think of Joon’s demise?


Called It! I knew this would happen, like this airline was a meme when it was first announced. TBH, not dissapointed at all.


I knew from its’ inception that it wouldn’t even last 5 years.

I honestly thought this airline had gone bankrupt for a long time ago. They manged to survive this long, I praise, I praise, but it’s Good Night now, fellow airline, you served well maybe, I think? 🤔

The name itself, Joon, for some reason made me think it was Korean Airlines at first, haha 😅


Low Cost carrier, premium carrier and legacy carriers are the only business models which will ever work. Aiming your product at a certain demographic which isn’t well defined is just pointless and I bet you there were more older people flying with Joon. Whoever came up with the whole idea of it needs to be removed from any leadership position in any company as they are foolish.


That’s a bit much. I’d just suspend them for some months for wasting the resources Air France needs, to make this…abomination.

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It’s called being held responsible. You need a good track record to serve high positions in companies, Air France isn’t in the best position either themselves.

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I agree, aiming at one group will not work. The margins in the airline business are already terrible as it is.


That is very true. Air France themselves are facing economic cut backs. As of now they are somehow managing to make it through but it’s not a pretty sight to be seen. Air France is making less in revenue than its partner KLM which is striving while AF has had scandals with A380 engines blown off, worker strikes, etc…

The Airline is crippling at this moment, and economically not doing as well as their partner KLM. KLM is rapidly growing and expanding their network, adding the new 787 to their fleet has helped, while AF also operates the fuel efficient 787, they still have to worry about fuel costs for the A380 and their older generation aircraft and having Joon under its wing, just dragged them down to a almost stall.

For Joon, it’s as you said: 👇

Joon was a failure to begin with and idea just wouldn’t work in the practice and we can see it now, as Joon says goodbye and Air France still struggling to cover up for their financial losses they’ve had over the past few years. If Joon had a strong leadership, it may have dine better to strive forward as a low cost airline but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It’s just another burden off from Air France’s shoulder to carry, in my opinion.


I’ll leave it at this, the title of a blog post I saw:

Air France to shutter its roof top bar Joon

The whole airline-within-an-airline concept has proven not viable, and the millennial concept for this airline only made it worse IMO.

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Air Canada Rouge is working quite well. It’s less a reflection of segmentation within a certain airline brand and more of a reflection of how the airline carries out the segmentation. Joon could’ve been successful if they went ahead and built a leaner operation from the ground up, but it was subject to most of the issues that cause higher unit costs as well. What you end up with is a brand that costs the same to operate, but appeals to a lower yielding market segment. We all know how that works at the end of the day.

Let’s not forget Tango though. Rouge has only been in existence for 5 years I think. Over the long-term having an airline manage another airline along with itself can lead to issues with equipment, competition, cost etc. What usually works better is when the airline separates from the parent, and is self-sufficient.

Well another Airline bites the dust. Knew this would happen

That is a fair point. Though Rouge is a lot cheaper than Tango. With their F/As paid at B-Scale and increasing density, there is an argument to be had for Rouge. If B-Scale starts catching up to A-Scale, then AC will just reabsorb and spin-off again.

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Rouge is low cost. Joon went the other route marketing themselves for milenials. I don’t think that was the right decision at all.

Especially since millennials are the biggest generation holding the biggest amount of debt…


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