Air France Virtual is up!

Hey! Just wanted to let y’all know Air France Virtual Airlines is up at Check it out! We have a wide range of aircraft in our fleet and fly all over the world. And, you are not restricted to buying Live first!

So go check it out at:

For any questions, PM me or send an email to

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Nice website!

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Thanks man! I’m going to improve it over the next couple of days so it will only get better ;)

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Good luck! I hope you guys grow!

Whoever was so clever, apparently I made a mistake and we also operate the Boeing 777-300ER. Thank you, :D

Yes, but in the Skyteam livery.

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Well, that doesn’t matter. I’ll add it.

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Hi Das! Congratulations on creating a virtual airline. Have you used my virtual airline thread for guidance? If you haven’t I recommend it since it gives some helpful ideas as well…

Happy landings!


Thanks. I did read trough that before creating this airline but I think I’m gonna have some trouble figuring everything out with user databases etc. I’ll have to find a solution to that, but apart from that, thanks also for that guide because it gave me some good ideas for the airline!

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I’d like to remind everyone Air France Virtual is still open. Take your chance now and join the most realistic and relaxed VA on the forum!

Air France Virtual: Exceeding realism.

what a beautiful website.

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Don’t you think? Especially the about page seems to be working so well…
On a serious note, though, we are restarting, and are part of IFWA, flying as Hi Fly, practically we have been merged into Hi Fly, making Air France Virtual non-existent.

I know right

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I love your sarcasm.