Air France Virtual is down.

To all (future) pilots of Air France Virtual, sorry to notify you that Air France Virtual is down permanently for private reasons. After a successful week we have deleted all user accounts safely. Thank you for flying with us.


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Are you sure
Me at Hi Fly would like to invite you to INFINITE FLIGHT WORLD ALLIANCE to keep you going

Sorry Jack, I’d love to join but the website being taken down wasn’t completely my decision to make. It was done because of private reasons out of my control, which I can’t name here.

Oh ok just an idea

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Me and @Maxpap will take it over from you and if you want it back you can have it

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My virtual airline was shut down too man. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Keep your head up and keep flying!


A mix of that and something… I can’t explain here.

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After my website is finished I’m going to notify Delta.

No, David Garden said he notified a real airline and that made them shut it down. Just add lots of disclaimers and keep quiet 😂

The contacted me.

Why would he contact an airliner :P

You are definitely screwed if Delta sees this.

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Btw I love the website

Did you take the website down?

I took down the photos, of the new website, but it’s still coming.

Oh so the website is not finished yet.

For Pilot8: Correct, ill notify you either tomorrow or the next day when its up!

For dasabel100: We could merge Air France-KLM into DVA, if you want to during the next week or so, we cold move all of your pilots to our roster, while we could pick up your routes.

If you’re actually taking code directly from Delta’s website, that’s a huge no no when the airline finds out.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear, I used this for the design of the website, for example the colors. I did not use it for anything else.