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NOTE: This post is IFVARB approved
Good day,

I am ecstatic to announce that Air France Virtual Airline has finally been verified after only 3 months of running. Myself and my team have been working hard to get this VA up to scratch, and I can finally say “We’ve done it!” Over the past few months, we have had a rearrangement of our SLT in order to make it as efficient as possible, which it is!

Air France VA is a highly appointed VA, with over 30 members and with a strong team of staff members that cater for any issues you have, whether it be aviation related or just things about your everyday life, we are a community of highly professional pilots! At Air France, have no doubt that you will feel part of the community from the get go, and be assured that everything you do will be in your best interests, as myself and my staff members allow you to do what you want and we do allow members to openly express issues directly to us, as of course we consider them!

*Our Senior Leadership Team, the people who look after you at AFVA. These people are highly skilled people, who are 100% dedicated to the VA:

-President- Cameron Renwick (@Cameronrenwick)
-Deputy President - Avon Fitzgerald (@Cpt_FITZGERALD)
-Head of Recruitment - Arsene Aupetit (@Cdt_Aupetit )
-Flight Manager - Emilien Braun (@emilienbraun )
-Presidential Pilot - Nabil Nohra ( @Nab2914)
-Chief Pilot- Omar DeWindt - (@ODW)

Our rank system:
The rank system is a highly thought out way to give acknowledgement to highly dedicated members, with a new rank called Rank Commander to acknowledge the most dedicated members. Flights are logged with Air France on our Slack channel, which is where our VA is run from.

-Rank 1 - A318, 319, 320
-Rank 2 - B767 , B787
-Rank 3 - B777-200, B777-300ER
-Rank 4 - A380, B747-400 (any aircraft)
-Rank Commander - any aircraft

Required hours:

-You need 1 hour 30 mins worth of flight logs in rank 1 aircraft to proceed to rank 2
-You need 9 hours worth of flight logs in rank 1 / 2 aircraft to proceed to rank 3
-You need 18 hours worth of flight logs in rank 1 / 2 / 3 aircraft to proceed to rank 4
-You need 180 hours worth of flight logs in any rank aircraft to proceed to Rank Commander

An example of our rank badges:


•Any member of the VA must not be anti-semitic, racist or sexist towards any member of the VA. Breach of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.
•Members must not use any harmful, or offensive language on the Slack channels towards other members or on any slack chat. Breach of this rule will result in possible demotion and/or dismissal.
•Members must not argue, hate on, or be rude to any SLT member, or any member in that matter, as this is not an accurate representation of AFVA.
•Any rude or demeaning comments made about the VA to anyone, on IFC, Slack, Discord or anything else will result in immediate dismissal from the VA, with no appeal available.

Routes / Website:
We are 100% ready for global, our routes can be found on our website:

New and improved promotional video:

Join us:

I hope this has motivated you to join us, and please if you have any enquiries, PM me

Thank you,

Cameron Renwick
President and Owner of Air France VA
“France is in the air”

DISCLAIMER: This document appears courtesy of the Air France Corporate website: and is covered by copyright. Usage and reproduction is strictly regulated.


Great job. Professional and neat, the website also looks very good.


@kevin Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


Congratulations for your approval 😊. You all really deserved it!


Just applied for the VA

Thank you, we’ve been working very hard! @SingaporeAirlines

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Great, our Head of Recruitment will respond ASAP! @B747fan

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I also applied for joining the VA

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Great! Our head of Recruitment should get to you within 24 hours! @Milen_Jacob

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Thank you …

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Very nice looking! I love it!

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Thanks a lot for the praise! @PlaneCrazy

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ive just fill out the aplication forum

Congrats on being certified. We wish you all the best at Emirates VA

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Thanks a lot, see you in the skies! @Harris_Carvel

Attention everyone! We now have a Chief Pilot and a Head of Recruitment position up for offer. The Chief Pilot will lead our new cadet scheme, which works on improving our pilots’ skills as well as leading events and so forth. The Head of Recruitment will be in charge of recruiting our members as well as making sure they are happy at the VA. If you would like to be considered, please PM me here and I will interview you with the pre-prepared questions.

The applications end at 2000z on Saturday next week.

You must be TL2 or over on the IFC for consideration, you must have full understanding of the English language, possibly French if you know it.
Also, for Chief Pilot, you must be Grade 4 or over for consideration.

Happy Flying!
Cameron Renwick
President and Owner of AFVA

Good evening,

Credit: Thomas Pesquet (French astronaut)

I am please to announce that AFVA now have 100 routes available for the members of our VA, all flying from our two primary hubs, CDG and ORY! Our routes are incredibly diverse, with a mix of short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights available! With 100 to choose from, I can safely say members will be spoilt for choice! We have flights in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and last but not least, Africa! I give thanks to @Cpt_FITZGERALD for his dedication in doing all of the routes on the website!

If you would like to see these new routes, please visit our website!

Happy flying everybody!

Cameron Renwick
President and Owner of AFVA.


We have now new badges for our professional pilot ;)

Our badges had before a black background and it was difficult to read “Air France” below. Our white badges have now only the French flag colors:

If you are interested in joining us, please visit our website:

See you all in the air!

Deputy President of AFVA