Air France VA

Bonjour and Hello! I would like to formally introduce myself as the President at Air France VA.

Here at Air France we offer one of the best fleets in Infinite Flight, from the A318 to the A380 we can fly to anywhere in the world.

Our staff is @jjt0909 who is our president he already owns EasyJet and will be someone you will get to know a lot at AF. Our Co Owner along with me is @stryder-adg who is has experience and will always be there for his fellow pilots. Finally we have our CEO @Q-ENAN who brings a massive French feel to the VA.

We also want to take this time to tell you about our routes. Here they are:

Amsterdam region
Paris region:

Obviously we are struggling at the moment but when global is released we will be flying high

Also we have set amount of rules we want you guys to follow for professionalism within the va:
Hi everyone I’d like to formally introduce myself as the Co Owner here at Air France VA one of my main jobs is too make sure that everyone enjoys themselves but also that everyone respects each other. So I’m going to lay down some rules and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

•You must listen to the SMT they are here to make life easier for you so please listen to them.
•Any abusive behaviour towards a fellow pilot is strictly prohibited.
•Anyone who is racist,sexist,anti semitic or anything like that will result in the likelihood of immediate dismissal.
•Any abusive behaviour will result in a discussion with the members of the SMT and you will be contacted furthermore.

•Finally any member of the SMT can enforce these rules once again they are chosen as they have experience on IF and at this VA if you do not respect them you will be punished.

Finally I would like to announce a warning system throughout every week if you disobey one of these rules you will be given a warning you have 3 in total if you receive 3 or more you will be contacted.

But listen I hope that the only reason I will have to reiterate the rules are for new members none of us want to tell you off we just want to have fun also we have a new update coming soon which is global flight so I hope that you all have a great time here. If you have any questions I would like to say that you ask ME I am happy to help.

Thanks Josh President

Au revoir and goodbye

To join the Air France VA you can either pm or go on our website that will be fully updated in the new. Year please don’t comment on the website as we know there are issues and like I said early next year it will be sorted


C’est du propre!
Thanks @jjt0909

Merci merci

Bonne chance et espérons que vous avez beaucoup de plaisir avec cette VA

Merci, nous espérons que nous faisons bien
Thank you, we hope we do good

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