Air France VA

I have decided to make an Air France VA as I thought the airline deserved representation in Infinite Flight. Below is some of the information:
Fleet: We operate a wide variety of aircraft including the
B777F (Air France Cargo)
C750 (Charters)

We currently do not have any planned routes they will be released with the website. You can expect 3-4 routes per region in every region.

The website will be released hopefully between July 1st - 5th. We will also have a Facebook group starting June 26th.

I’m currently looking for a few staff to work these positions:
Event Manager
Schedule Manager
If you are interested in these positions please PM me.

I will be working with @Andy_Le to ensure a close partnership with KLM. I have not yet decided which alliance AFR will join and I’m open to offers.
Thank you for taking your time to read this,
-CEO of Air France Virtual


I really like the fleet :) I’ll think about it to join when the website is finished


Good luck!
Hope you get lots of pilots.

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Congratulations on your startup!

Come fly with KLM to Singapore on 1 July!

You guys would be parking together in real life though lol

Alliance wise I suggest real life alliance… Like how mine is in Star Alliance so yours should be in SkyTeam :D

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You should also fly the E190 for Air France HOP

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Hey do you still want a section in the KLM VA website?

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Can I join KLM @Andy_Le

You guys need to have like a really close relationship with AFR lol

Just like in real life :P


You’ll be hearing from me soon… :)

Thomas cook could aliance

sure if you would like to be a pilot visit this website http://thestatueofgaming.wix/flyklmva or if you would like to be a staff member contact me @Andy_Le

When is the Website up?

It should be up today.


I know but it isn’t up yet

Ooh I defiantly will give this VA a look 😜

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@Axel_B what the hell they’re doing here?

I will join when the website is up

I only have the 777-300 air france livery

If you have that then you must have the FREE A380 and B747