Air France VA | Under new leadership and new website!

Good Evening,

It is with my greatest of pleasures to re-open Air France VA for applications as of today. We have recently had a shift of Presidential roles, where I have happily been appointed as the new President and Owner of Air France VA. I have made some changes to the VA, and felt I should make a new thread in light of the shift of roles in the VA, and also to advertise the VA.

Air France VA is the VA for you, we are a VA that takes pride in improving your piloting skills as well as your management skills. Along with my Senior Leadership Team, we all take pride in making sure YOU are happy and content with everything we do.

Our Senior Leadership Team take pride in everything they do, and have been carefully picked by myself. These are our Senior Leadership Team:
-Deputy President- Nabil Nohra
-Assistant President- Emilien Braun
-Chief Communications Officer (CCO)- Avon Fitzgerald


At Air France VA, we have a highly thought out rank system, which consists of 4 ranks. Every new pilot starts off at rank 1, and our most experienced pilots rise up to rank 4. This is a way of really motivating our pilots to enjoy flying with us as a VA. To proceed to the higher ranks, we have a flight log system on our Slack channel, where pilots must log flights in the appropriate aircraft, with the flight time on a screenshot.

-Rank 1- A318, A319, A320
-Rank 2-B767, B787
-Rank 3-B777-200, B777-300ER
-Rank 4-A380, B747-400

Required hours

You need 4 hours worth of flight logs in rank 1 aircraft to proceed on to rank 2
You need 8 hours worth of flight logs in rank 2 aircraft to proceed to rank 3
You need 16 hours worth of flight logs in rank 3 aircraft to proceed to rank 4


-Abusive behaviour is strictly prohibited towards any pilot or staff members
-Any racist, sexist or anti semitic behaviour will not be tolerated as we are an inclusive VA
-Any form of swearing, nudity, or offensive language is not tolerable whatsoever

Any breach of these rules will result in a hearing between the person who has committed it and a member of SLT. These will result in an immediate dismissal, and it will be mentioned to the appropriate services if serious enough.

We currently allow any routes to be logged by pilots, as Air France is such a global airline in terms of its routes. However, upon the release of global, routes will be created.

Promotional Video:

We are hiring new Staff Members. If you would like to be a Flight Logger or Website Developer for Air France, please add that in the form you must fill out in any of the boxes provided. Thanks. We will then do an interview process for every applicant.

Join us now
I hope after reading this you are spurred to join Air France VA, and please do ask if you have any quieries.
Please fill out this form in order to join our growing VA:

I hope to see you all joining the VA, and flying the French flag around the skies of IF.

Thank You,

Cameron Renwick
President and Owner of Air France VA
’France is in the Air’


I really like the GIF, how’d you do it?


@AppleOneGT I had the video made, I then received it and used a GIF translator to convert the video to GIF format.


O, is there a way that I can do it? I,m about to open a Virtual Airline.

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@Camr the GIF is cool but next time please upload it to imgur then put the link on the forum. It will show up the same, but will take less space up.


Really sorry about that! I’m new to all this! Should I remove them then?

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Go on Fiverr and choose someone that makes something similar, you do have to pay but it’s like $7.

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There is no point removing these ones, but in future upload them to imgur and put the link here. There is technically a no GIFs rule, but I think an exception can be made here as it’s not annoying or obtrusive… I’ll get the mods to make a final decision.


Yeah it seems fine for now.


@IceBlue @Carson I am really sorry I never knew about the no GIFS rule, I’ll remember for next time. Thanks for being lenient!


Pretty cool animation though, how’d you make that?


Basically as I have no clue how to do it, I went onto a site called ‘Fiverr’ where people show demo designs and you pay a small amount for your brand to be created into an intro video!


How much was that small amount? If you dont wanna say it you can dm me :)


Goodluck from BAVA😉

You’ve done such an amazing job since I stepped down as president. I’m proud of you guys of doing such a better job that I did. I’m jealous😜


Thanks! You did a great job Stryder don’t say that!

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Hope to see you in the skies from United Virtual!


Thanks very much!!!:)

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Best of luck from the Frontier VA team. Welcome to the airline family.


Goodluck from etihad va

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Good luck from Plane & Pilot!
Make sure to check us out if you need an event.

I love the GIF by the way:-)

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