Air France VA Revival

So I am aware that over the last 3 months the Air France VA has been created and fallen 2 times. So I was thinking about starting it up again. Anyone interested?

Pick 1-3 (As Many as Applicable)

  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea
  • I’d be a pilot
  • I’d help setup/run the airline

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You have to be TL2 to have a VA/post in the VA category.

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That why th my VA is down untill in TL2 BUT I HAVENT GOTTEN IT YET

Why? VA’s are player run and aren’t regulated by the staff…

If your going to adv. You must be a TL2 in order to unlock the VA topics

funny you say that I have met all the requirements for TL2 but haven’t recieved it yet… still waiting I guess

I know, but they don’t want people coming here, creating an account, making a 5 minute VA and never coming back. It’s the same reason only TL2+ are allowed to post in features.

This isn’t a permenant thread for the va im just seeing if anyone’s even interested

Please wait until you’re a member to post in #live:va. :)