Air France VA Amsterdam Recruitment event @ EHRD - 032000ZAPR17


If there is one little tiny place for me I’ll be part of it;-)


Ps : I’ve sent a request joining the VA today, I thought I had already done it weeks ago but never got feedback, perhaps there was an issue.

Will check ASAP, I’ll give you a gate soon!

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Thanks for adding me;-)

Gate B3: @Nab2914
Gate B4: @John_Ryan
Gate C1: @jdag2004
Gate C2: @ODW
Gate C3: @Captain_Patrick
Gate D1: @alex2405
Gate D2 : @Tommy_Zing
Gate D3: @Joshua_Bowen
Gate E1: @RonnyMartin

Sorry had to change the gates for other reasons! Also, the largest plane available to use is the 757. So I’ve decided this will be an event for any member of the A320 family (318,319,320,321) If you do not like this please tell me!

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I don’t think I’m able to make this event. Terribly sorry. 😐

Oh that’s a shame, no worries! If you’d still like, do apply to our VA on our website! If not, no worries! @jdag2004

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Just to be sure, the event will be at 9pm London /10pm Amsterdam time right?

2000z so yes. @RonnyMartin

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@Camr. Sorry, cannot attend today. Should go to friend’s birthday party at the same time.

Oh that’s a shame! There’s always next time! @Alex2405

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this starts at 3pm my time and i have school and i get out at 3 and home at 2030Z time so i dont know if im gonna be their

Try your best, if you can’t come it’s fine, always next time! @Captain_Patrick

@Nab2914 @John_Ryan @jdag2004 @ODW @Captain_Patrick @alex2405 @Tommy_Zing @Joshua_Bowen @RonnyMartin

Some people couldn’t come at the event we decided to postpone the event at 3/04 at 2000Z.

Sorry for the last moment announcement of the postpone of the event.

Chief Communications Officer AFVA

Ok got it thanks @Cpt_FITZGERALD ;-)

Can I have a gate please

Sure, looking forward to you coming! @Abhishek_Vij

Will be there . Look fo5to it

Hello Cameron

I would love to join if it is not too late.
I do not know about being a part of the airline yet.
You said it is an all aircraft in one of the post, can you specify (sorry).
Anyways, thanks in advance and have a good day.

Ps : Callsign DUDAIR.

i would like to join the event…

@DUDAIR Sorry in a later post I then went onto say only the a320 family (318,319,320,321) as EHRD doesn’t permit larger aircraft