Air France VA Amsterdam Recruitment event @ EHRD - 032000ZAPR17


Server: Casual server

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHRD

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Hey guys, its Cameron Renwick here, the President of Air France VA! In two weeks, we will be hosting a recruitment event in order for you guys to join all members of Air France VA, and see what it is like to fly with Air France VA! We will firstly take off from EHRD and fly over to EHEH where we will perform a touch and go. We will then finalise our flight with a flight to EDDL where we will land. This is an any A320 family aircraft event!

This is what the flight will consist of:

This is how the flight will work:
From EHRD to EHEH: After takeoff, climb to 5,000 feet MSL at a VS of 2000 ft/m. Climbing speed will be 200 knots. Cruise speed to EHEH will be 235 knots. When we are 20NM out, descend at a VS of -1000 ft/m to 3000 feet where will will commence in our touch and go.

From EHEH to EDDL, after the touch and go, climb to 10,500 feet MSL at a VS of 2500 ft/m. Climbing speed will be 210 knots. Cruise speed will be 265 knots. When 35NM out of EDDL, descend to 3,000 feet at a VS of -1500 ft/min, and land on Runway 05L only, make sure spacing is appropriate and landing speed is also appropriate, as myself and others will be judging you while flying

We hope to see you there, and become a member of Air France VA.

Please express interest down below, and we will happily assign you a gate and callsign that must be used in order to be considered for the VA

Gate B3: Nab2914
Gate B4: John_Ryan
Gate C1: @jdag2004
Gate C2: @ODW
Gate C3: @Captain_Patrick
Gate D1: @alex2405
Gate D2 : @Tommy_Zing
Gate D3: @Joshua_Bowen
Gate E1: RonnyMartin
Gate E2: @Abhishek_Vij
Gate E3: @DUDAIR
Gate E4: @Captain_William
GA F Apron 16: @Milen_Jacob
Our website if you would like to see our VA

Cameron Renwick
President and Owner of Air France VA


I will try to come 😜

Great! Use AF Callsign @Nab2914

I will be there. If you can allocate me a gate please

Sure! @John_Ryan AF callsign remember!

Give me a gate, I’ll try to make it as it is 11PM for me.

Oh great!! I could move it back 1 hour if you’d like? Would you afterwards be up for recruitment or not? @jdag2004

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Maybe, an hour back would be great!

Ok, I’ll do that for you! @jdag2004

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Thanks, Cameron nice event. Please sign me up.

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Remember that you have to change the gates :)
Use F gates for the moment.

Sure will do, thanks! @ODW

Attention everyone, due to demand we have changed the recruitment event to an any aircraft recruitment event!

Also, there will be IFES with us to escort us!!!

I’ll try to join I was in the old Air France VA but that went inactive

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I’ll do my best to be there. Could you sign me a gate?

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@Captain_Patrick @Alex2405 Great! See you there!

Hi. I know I am a bit late. Could I put my name down if there is a space left ?¿

I would like to come

Great! Looking forward to it guys! @Joshua_Bowen @Tommy_Zing