Air France Skyteam livery missing

So lately I’ve been seeing people with the sky team livery on the b777-300 and I went to put it on and it’s not there? Is there anyway to fix this and is anyone else having this problem?

When you mean seeing it, do you mean on LiveFlight?

If so, it just hasn’t been updated.

But if you mean in game
This livery was removed on part of the staff’s decision, this is not a glitch, and I do not believe it will come back.


Oh yeah I was seeing it on live flight, my apologies

Yea, LiveFlight isn’t really maintained as much, so the reason why you are seeing the AF Skyteam livery is because it hasn’t been updated, that’s all.

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Ok thanks!

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Yup, no problem!

If that is all, go ahead and flag the topic for closure!

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