Air France screenshots

Air France a350 screenshots

Bonjour tout le monde! Today I have some nice screenshots of my flight from CDG to CPT.
I didn’t see the beautiful scenery, but I flew right over Table Mountain on approach during sunrise. So I at least I didn’t miss that 😛

Flight Details

Route: LFPG (CDG) 🇫🇷 - FACT (CPT) 🇿🇦
Aircraft: Airbus a350-900
Livery: Air France
Flight Time: 10 hours and 25 minutes


Had to make a 360 because I slept too long, but thanks to that I flew over gorgeous South African scenery

Two moonshots, tell me which one you think is best

Turning base

I really like silhouette pictures, here’s one of me on final :)

Well, that’s all folks!

Here they are 🥐

Ok, time for me to eat a croissant 🥐

Au revoir 🇫🇷


Looks stunning. Incredible pictures of a a350.

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Merci beaucoup :)


Really nice shots mate, I love those Moon shots, well done!

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C’est tres bon Monsieur 👌🏽…Nice Shots

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Really nice pictures @Infinite_Qantas ! I would like to say in French but I can’t 🤣

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Air france livery makes every aircraft look good. Nice shots.👍

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These are beautiful Photos hope you enjoyed your flight

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Très belles photos !

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Thanks mate :)

@Anshul28 merci, le moonshot est très dificile parce que la lune… it moves all the time 😬

@Gabriel_Gava “Ta photos sont très belle”
(My best French😂)

@Infinite_flight_HD 🥐 it does

@Average_Gamer Thanks mate, I really enjoyed the flight

@Alexandre merci beaucoup


Sunrise + A350 + Cape Town = 💯 🥳


Nice one @Infinite_Qantas my best is merci and bonjour… 🤣

You say A350, I say I likey!

Great pictures! Your topic can have my third like of the week ;)

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Great pics 👀😍

Thank you :)

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