Air France Retiring All A340s & Some A319s Immediately + A380s Return To Service In 2021

Next victim.

Air France/KLM have announced they’re losing €25 million a day

The airline group is losing around $27 million USD a day, which equates to around $1 million every hour.

The airline will now implement more cost-cutting measures, which include permanently retiring Air France’s A340s and some A319s

Air France will immediately retire its remaining four A340-300s. I believe these are still in the Joon livery, but I’m unsure.

These four A340-300s have already been stored and haven’t flown for weeks. Air France’s A340-300s were supposed to retire in early 2021, however, this is no longer the case.

Air France will also retire some of its A319 fleet, which consists of 33 aircraft. The exact number is unknown

According to Planespotters, 30 of these 33 Airbus A319s have been stored. Air France’s A319s were planned to retire over the next few years as Air France plans to take delivery of its 60 new A220-300s.

Air France’s A380 Future:


Air France’s nine Airbus A380s are all grounded. Once Air France begins to pick up operations again, they will remain grounded until 2021.

Air France’s A380s are still slated for retirement in 2022, but could be accelerated if Air France doesn’t need the massive capacity.

Additional Air France/KLM Update:

Despite losing €25 million a day, the airline has saved €1.1 billion in 2020 from unemployment measures introduced by the French government

However, to avoid bankruptcy, Air France/KLM will still ask the French/Netherlands’ government for financial support.

Without support, the airline only has enough cash to last until June 2020. Air France/KLM expects to resume normal operations in two years.



AF A380:
AF A340:

With KLM retiring their 747s (sort of), and Lufthansa retiring multiple variants of widebody aircraft, things are getting quite rough.

British Airways’s 747s, Iberia’s A340-600s, and some of Aer Lingus’ A330s are even being considered for early retirement according to their CEO.

Unfortunately, these older and less efficient aircraft may end sooner due to the worldwide situation.



😭😭The A340’s will be missed!


Sadly, Almost all A340s are being retired.

But still we have memories of them

And still we have 747 Freighters.


aww this is really sad :(

I really wonder how they will manage the A380 pilots. No flights till 2021 for the fleet would mean retraining the pilots for other aircrafts normally, but with a return to service they are needed on the A380 when it’s time too. Will be interesting to see how everything will be, but I really hope for the A380 to return to the skies.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very sad, it goes to show the devastating impact this virus has on the airline industry.


What? An airline which saved money for the dark times? Well would you look at that, US airlines

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I say keep the 340 and get rid of the whale.

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Not necessarily, AC keeps their MAX pilots at home and are paid a fixed amount per month, and I believe all of them stay current (ie getting sim time) because the fleet does get ferried around a fair bit.

AF retraining their A380 crews would be costly and impractical since they would displace current crews on other fleets, causing a surplus of crews in a time where there is virtually no demand.
And the time it would take to get +/- 100 pilots re-typed on new planes for 9 months would be impractical.

In short no, unless they bid/ get displaced onto something else…they will just be couch captains for the rest of the year.


i think some of them can pilot other planes, such as A330

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Thanks for providing this interesting update!

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Why would they retire an A319, when clearly it beats the A318 in demand and popularity.

Just an opinion.

And yes, Pencil N.2 will be missed.

(Pencil N.1 is 757)

Air France’s current A319s are on average older than their A318s.

Oldest AF A318 - 16 years old
Oldest AF A319 - 23 years old.

Air France has already scrapped a few A319s and some were sent to other airlines.

This is sad the A340 is slowly dieing

Aircrafts get refurbished, “rented” etc, Air France can make so much more profit with their A319, the A318 is uncommon, and is losing demand.


Not arguing though, your point is fairly accurate! 👏

It truly is, BUT, the 777X is new cool kid on the Block! It basically a 747-8i but with out the upper deck, and better!

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Probably some still have valid licences, but I am not sure whether this will be possible.

Very interesting! Didn’t know that this is a real option, but especially in this odd times you may very well be right. Thank you!

Well, another legend goes.

I will miss the A319’s and A340’s.

Noooo! I love the A340s. They are definitely one of my favorite aircraft. It will be sad to see them go. 😭

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… I like them, too but we can’t even fly them in IF (horrible physics etc.)

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