Air France Retires The Airbus A380

Air France has announced it will retire its remaining Airbus A380s early.

Originally scheduled to retire in 2022, Air France will now end operations with its 9 remaining Airbus A380 aircraft.

In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis and its impact on anticipated activity levels, the Air France-KLM Group announces today the definitive end of Air France Airbus A380 operations.

Air France’s Airbus A380 will be replaced by new generation aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, which are still being delivered.

Unfortunately, Air France’s A380s were truly short lived. The oldest is currently 11.3 years while the youngest is 6.3 years of age.

Air France will operate its final A380 flight on June 26, 2020, carrying only select staff around France.

Press Release/Image

Airbus A380-861 - Air France | Aviation Photo #2138807 |

This means Air France’s A380s lasted shorter than the Concorde.

This may be a sign of what’s to come with other airlines hinting at A380 retirements.

6/26/20: Air France operates one final passenger A380 flight.


Wow sad news, though not surprising. Thanks for sharing

Best of luck on your test



I was having a nice day until I read that, definitely sad to see these birds go so soon.

Rest In Peace Air France Airbus A380s!


Bye bye Bobo :(


Oh no… it was short-lived.

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The whale is gone from Air France, it was inevitable though. The A380 never was a plane I liked in the slightest, so although it’s sad, I’m also a little bit happy.

Good luck on your test too!


This is sad news but this one was inevitable.

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Airbus A380 will be replaced by new generation aircraft, including Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, whose deliveries are ongoing.

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I have to stop looking at these topics cause they’re all just so sad. 😭


Such a sad news! A380 is really a good product, however its cargo capacity is much less than other similar products… Its one of the reason why some flag carriers like Cathay Pacific refused to fly the Bobo.

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R.I.P. Air France A380s.

(Best of luck on your AP test though!)

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Wow, caught red handed lol

Man, those Air France A380s look fantastic. A lot of beauties are going missing from the sky.


Wow, I really loved this livery on the a380 it looks so good 🙏🔥

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Very sad indeed. Was planning on flying on their 380s end of summer, flight was canceled.

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sad pilotboy noises


That is a good meme.

That is incredible, but please don’t let the IFC make you fail your AP Test!

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Wow this is incredibly sad! Never imagined something like this