Air France Questions

Hello I wanted to work for Air France when I an an adult please tell me does Air France offer scholarships or something

@Axel_Beder, @AF330

You are both French and know more than me about this ;)

There´s a comment on this thread related to training with Air France, look it up. And good luck.


I’m not French I’m Canadian but I found out I could do this job


Air France has a cadet program called ‘AF Cadets’, unfortunately this program is currently closed due to cutbacks.
If you already have an ATPL or used to fly for the french air force/ navy (no need to send a CV below 1000 hours) you can apply on their website, they recruit a few pilots every year.


I think that you can’t work for Air France until you have a european passport. You also must be able to fluently speak French (and write the language).

Anyway, good luck!

Ps: May I ask you why Air France? :)

I don’t like Air Canada or British Airways

I have dual setizenship so I’m good I can also speak french

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